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  1. WYPALL X80 Wipers

    WYPALL X80 Wipers

    Made with HYDROKNIT* fast-absorbing material, providing oil and water absorbency. Ideal for heavy-duty parts wiping, prepping many work surfaces with solvents, wiping up metal shavings and cleaning rough surfaces. BRAG* Box packaging option allows one box to replace 25 lbs. of rags and offers one-at-a-time dispensing to reduce waste. Blue.
  2. Scott® Shop Towels

    Scott® Shop Towels

    Super-strong towels absorb liquids, oils and grease, even when wet. Ideal for changing oil, refilling fluids and general auto maintenance. Blue.
  3. Scott® Rags

    Scott® Rags

    Soft, absorbent towels that perform like a cloth. Packed in POP-UP* Box with handle to keep rags clean while carrying to jobsite. White.
  4. Whizard® Knifehandler® Gloves

    Whizard® Knifehandler® Gloves

    Patented combination of high performance fibers and stainless steel. Excellent thermal qualities. Features 3" cuff for additional wrist protection.